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Wordnik — beautiful (newish) English dictionary

This so-called "un-dictionary" has apparently been around since mid-2009, but I only just discovered Wordnik today. It's UI is visually striking and easy to use, and it's community-driven, without being polluted and juvenile like Urban Dictionary.

definition of "incendiary" on

The definition of "incendiary" on

detail of a word entry

Detail of a word entry on

Introducing the Random Factoid plugin

"Random Factoid" is a WordPress widget plugin that I created to display a random fact, quote, what-have-you, dynamically pulled from a PHP "database" file.

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Daily Drop-Cap jQuery plugin

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hischeaily Drop Cap is a typography project by illustrator Jessica Hische. Her beautiful letters inspired me to created a jQuery plugin that dynamically add decorative drop-cap letters to the first paragraph (or every paragraph) of a page or section.

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